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Merry Everyone!

I find myself in a great mood tonight. Maybe it’s the snow outside that’s making me feel extra Christmasy, maybe it’s the fact that the boy got his Christmas holidays early today and I can go play in the snow with him tomorrow, or maybe I’m just happy all the time and I’m only noticing now because I’ve decided to write it down. Who cares.

It’s the end of the year, and this is the last time I’ll blog in 2010 so I suppose some sort of retrospective is in order. Looking back on this year, it seems it’s had more low points than high if I’m honest. I’ve had a serious infection that still effects my health, I’ve had a fight called off that I’d cleared time in my life for because the ceiling was too low, and the fight team has done… okay… but I don’t feel satisfied on that front either.

Yet I still feel like this year was a good one. I’m not one for arbitrary lines drawn regarding dates and times like New Years as an indicator, but I suppose you need to look back sometime. Professionally and personally I’ve had a great year. I’m lucky enough to work in a great job in a great gym that I miss being in when I’m not there. How many people get to say that about their work? I’ve had a great time watching my kids grow another year older, I’ve met new friends and interesting acquaintances and I’ve learned a lot.

2010 was good.

I’d love to write some more and I’m aware this is an underwhelming final post of the year but I have things to do, presents to wrap and people to see. I’ve enjoyed blogging in 2010 and I’ll see all three of you in 2011*. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

* maybe I should call time on that joke. I have 300+ unique hits per week, which makes me marginally more succesful as a blogger than any Irish economist, who people have stopped listening to.


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