About Me

Welcome to my corner of the internet.


I want this blog to be a no-nonsense source of information for those who are interested in grappling sports such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, submission wrestling, judo and mixed martial arts. My specific area of expertise is in making people fitter and stronger for these sports, in preventing the most common grappling injuries, and in the theories and practice of integrating strength and conditioning training into grappling training. However I also offer personalised programming and training to other sportspeople and non-athletes.

I am the owner and head coach of Kyuzo Gym in Dublin, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school that offers beginner level BJJ training to those in the North Dublin area. The school is located in Glasnevin/Finglas and provides regular beginner classes and advanced level training too. I take most of the classes there. We also offer fitness classes to those looking for the strength and fitness required to fight in MMA, but who don’t want to actually fight.I am a black belt in BJJ under Robert Drysdale.  For more information on the school, click here www.kyuzogym.com

I also work as a Strength and Conditioning coach, using my education and experience in grappling sports as well as field sports to help the athletes from a variety of sporting disciplines. I specialise in easily integrated prehab and strength development training. I also run self defence and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu programmes for 3 other secondary schools here in Dublin. I see it as a modest attempt to spread the word about the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training, which I hope will have an effect on participation and awareness of this great sport and martial art.

I’m also lucky enough to have been on the commentary team on Cage Contender, as well as some other promotions for Television and Internet. Essentially, this just means I get to talk about my favourite sports and not pay into fight shows! You can also check out my articles on vpxsports.com, as well as in print in a variety of publications. I’ve judged and officiated at a number of domestic promotions, and internationally for Cage Warriors. You can check out my judging profile on MMA Decisions.

I am always open to contact from readers of the blog, and one of the reasons I started this was to communicate with those with an interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, in Strength and Conditioning for BJJ and for those who share an interest in grappling. You can contact me at info@kyuzogym.com 

This is not a commercial blog. I just like to write, it’s what old timers used to call a “hobby”. I’m not selling you anything. Read, enjoy, comment, and share.




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