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My Lockdown Training Plan

… By Barry Oglesby, aged 41 and a half. They’re everywhere. They won’t stop uploading! They’re on Yoga mats on patios, and in living rooms hugging their dogs! They’ve all got rubber bands! They’re telling me to lift cans of beans! They won’t leave me alone! That’s right- personal trainers are everywhere. So what else … Continue reading

Why I’m competing again…

And so my blog returns! Look, I won’t make any promises as to the frequency of what follows this post. I’ll just say that I’ll be more regular. A vague promise that when I have something to say, and when the time suits, I might, just might, possibly sit down and type something. Honestly though, … Continue reading

Yes, I now do a podcast…

Podcasts eh? My friend messaged me one day to recommend a podcast called The Greatest Generation, which is where 2 guys sit, drink beer, and commentate over Star Trek episodes. Now THAT’S a podcast. This is also a podcast. I’ve been recording facebook live videos each week for the past few months. Then I stopped … Continue reading

How to stop your child being kidnapped by a foreigner

All child snatchers seem to be foreigners. You go on facebook and someone has shared “BEWARE… my 4 year old was out playing when he was approached by a black/asian/Eastern European man in a van…” the stories go. It prompted a friend to quip that we don’t need to worry about immigrant workers stealing our … Continue reading

Why do people start?

I have an anecdote that’s only slightly exaggerated, depending on the setting and how much I want to embarrass my wife. Basically, I got into martial arts because I wanted to meet girls. I was running with a friend on an elevated track, and my friend was running a Taekwondo class in the hall below. … Continue reading

Why I’m Getting Out of Social Media… sort of

A really strange thing happened to me last week… I had a great day. That’s not the strange thing. I have many great days. The strange thing is coming a few lines below this one. My great day started with my wife saying, “I know it’s raining but let’s go to Farmleigh anyway and maybe … Continue reading

Protected: The Time Those Guys Cheated

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Big Problem Little Solution

Large and significant gap between blog posts here. You have my apologies. I wasn’t busy. I just lost interest. That’s allowed isn’t it? But I said, y’know, when I find something that I want to write about, I’ll sit down and write again. So here it is. I want to write about pornography. Don’t worry, … Continue reading

Coaching Children

I’ve been asked in the past week to do something I’ve never done before. As a part of my work with schools, a teacher asked me to send him an email explaining my “Coaching Philosophy” for kids, as well as some technical details on what and how I teach. Naturally, I spent far too long … Continue reading

Vegas World Championships

  A little Las Vegas diary. I had written some of this in my hotel room over there, but things were just too busy to post or edit it in any way. Sunday. Travel day. A short hop to London and then a 10 hour flight to Vegas. I dread the thought of flying more … Continue reading