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There are no golden cows here!

Did anyone hear the torrent of abuse that came out of the Kiddie Krippler’s mouth last night? I thought I was making a very good point about pressure in the knee on belly position but in fact all people are going to remember is that he thinks I’m a dickhead and so on. Maybe he was pissed off at me because I made him do the circuit earlier, but it couldn’t have been that because here he is waving like a moron down by the window:

Anyway, knee on belly last night in BJJ preceded by circuits and boxing padwork. I like to hear people encouraging and spurring people on during a session like last night. It’s what makes the gym what it is but one thing that really annoys me is people having large scale chats about their partners technique during fitness drills like last night’s last round on the pads. We did a 1-10, 10-1 pyramid round. Basically you start out moving around and you partner calls for a jab, then a 1-2, then 3 punches, 4 and so on to 10. Then back down again so 9,8,7,6 and so on, focussing on speed during each combo. Then you repeat. Now it should be obvious enough to anyone that this is a pure fitness drill. I won’t say we don’t care about technique but when we’re concentrating on getting the punches off as fast as possible, technique is not going to be perfect after a while. The point is that the next time we do the drill technique survives longer until we can do 3 hard, fast minutes with good technique. The problem was that every time I looked around, some padholders were correcting form, coaching and stopping their partner during the drill. Now I’d love to say that this was people being concerned but I think it had more to do with some padholders feeling the burn from just holding the pads, which is hard work during a drill like this too.

Take Tuesday just gone, which was a very technical night, 5 rounds, not so intense with some fun elbow techniques thrown in for good measure. Stopping your partner during a round to refine or improve some technique is fine as that’s the point of the night. But you are impeding your partner if you stop them during a fitness round. Sometimes you just have to let them swing away, they have to get fitter too.

Here’s a quick message to the guy who read my blog, sent me an e-mail and put a post on our forum that I had to delete, although I was tempted to leave it to mock the poor English and grammatical errors. I actually know who you are you fat fuck, and I couldn’t care less about your opinion of my abilities as a fighter or a coach, but I think the ultimate test for you would be to come down to the gym anytime at all and I will give you nice sparring session with someone who has 6 months training with me, and if you’re still able after that (and I don’t think you will be), I’ll spar you too. Then you can buy one of our t-shirts and wear it around like you do with that other gym you trained in twice and STILL tell people that you’re one of their best fighters. Here’s a quick hint though for the next time you want to go incognito: using your fake e-mail address to mail me is a good trick, but when you register on our forum again, don’t use your real email which has your real name in it you moron.

Anyway, sorry about that. If anyone is interested in the current economic crisis and what the story beneath the story is http://www.naomiklein.org/articles/2008/09/now-time-resist-wall-streets-shock-doctrine
Everyone should read The Shock Doctrine by the by.

Also, on my stereo right now is the new ACDC album which isn’t half bad considering they probably have their bus passes. I’ll throw it on the ipod and play it during training next week.


One thought on “There are no golden cows here!

  1. Not sure about the ACDC album. The first song is excellent but I dont think its one I’d reach for over and over again like “highway to hell” or “back in black”. Cant belive the concert sold out so quick. There has to be a more civilised way to get tickets to gigs.

    Posted by paul d'wonderful | October 24, 2008, 7:53 pm

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