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Two in a day but forgot to update on the kids strength test.

I was just on Capper’s website (no really, he has one it’s about bridges and…. oh sorry nodded off there) and I found this which I thought was hilarious. Also since I won’t be around all weekend since I’m on a course and didn’t find the time to post it earlier, I thought it’d be nice to post a pic of Capper to my blog… aged 15. Not much of a change eh? Same hair anyway. That’s our old school uniform by the way. Grey.

Anyway Capper has wanted to be an engineer since I’ve known him, which is about 25 years or so. In the same time period I have variously wanted to be:
1. A pilot
2. A soldier
3. A footballer
4. A singer in a band
5. A drummer in a band
6. Anywhere in a band
7. An electronic tech
8. Not an electronic tech
9. A coach
10. 21 again
… along with several other ambitions I’m forgetting about. This post has two aims, to embarrass Capper with an old photo of him, and to crap on about the nature of ambition, setting goals and all of that jazz. I sat down with my teenage class last night and we had a chat. Now first things first if any of you have been around long enough you’ll know that I love training those kids. Some of them have been with me since they were 9 and are now approaching their 16th birthdays and the time is coming where things like beer, girls and just plain laziness might interfere. So I’m worried about losing them. We had a chat last night after doing the strength test I spoke about below and I was trying to talk to them about potential, getting stronger, fitter and staying fit for life and loving it. Right now they’re motivated and great to coach and be around. They help each other, compete with each other and slag each other off endlessly. It’s a really good class. I thought I did well. We spoke about how kids are percieved (obesity, laziness etc.) and how when people talk to me about that I can’t relate because all I see are fit kids.

So all of that goes off fairly well and then I’m driving home last night and something occurs to me. What would I have thought of that chat at 15? That scared the shit out of me, I was an immature, loudmouth, scatty moron as a kid. So I thought dammit, would I just have walked out saying “did you hear that idiot trying to tell me about life? What a (insert cool teen word here)”? Well, first of all nobody in authority sat down with me and had a chat like that to me at all except for Mr. Welsh, my old Irish teacher. I was in deep shit one day in school (a regular occurence) and thought I was going to get a bollicking. Instead he sat me down and spoke to me like an adult, told me I was an idiot (another regular occurence) and I came away thinking I should turn over a new leaf. Well, that didn’t really happen but what did happen was that I didn’t mess around much in Mr. Welsh’s classes anymore. Actually as an aside, Welshy is retired now but everyone I speak to who went ot St. Aidan’s CBS speaks fondly of him as a teacher and a bloke. He must have met many kids like me who thought they were the first! So I’d like to think that me at 15 would have listened to what I had to say about all that because I try not to patronise the lads when I’m talking to them. They’re not adults, but most of them are smarter and more switched on than I was when I was that age. Hopefully then, whether they are like me chopping and changing ideas of who and what they want to be every minute, or Capper, determined to be something and pursuing that, my little chat last night and the things I try to do for them for 2 hours a week will keep them coming back to fitness for life, even if it’s not in combat sports.

Damn I must be ill. That was actually semi-serious. I left their test scores in the gym last night but I’ll grab them and stick some summaries on the blog next week if anyone is interested. Have a nice weekend folks!


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