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What will I do with this guy?

Honestly, he arrived during the summer wearing pink all the time, which I thought was funny enough. And then last night he turns up in his full Chemical Biological Nuclear suit. Words fail me. He also seems to be not in the slightest bit embarrassed about it. I’d go so far as to say he was proud.

Military wannabees aside, last night was a good night at KO. The fight team did their 4 week strength tests last night (if they bothered to show up, grrr) and as you might expect, there were improvements all round. In particular well done to Private Parts above who has gone from moaning about his pull ups or lack thereof to doing what he is told and improving by 300% in 4 weeks. (I won’t tell you his numbers, 300% looks more impressive) Also Finlandia did many, many push ups, and the Kitten showed how strong she’s getting too. Overall, there was a steady improvement from everyone but I made a mistake and didn’t tell the Kiddie Krippler about Finlandia’s push up numbers before he started. I bet if I did he would have called upon his competitive streak and cranked out a few more. The programme steps up a gear this week and the Saturday session changes focus too.

I think I impressed everyone last night with the Rice Krispie noise from my knee. I’d love to know what it is because I’m sure hearing snap crackle and pop when you squat isn’t normal. Maybe it’s another symptom of getting “Old and Fat”, that condition I always hear about from those who’ve gotten it. Nobody really seems to believe me when I say this but I consume between 3000 and 6000 calories a day. No shit (you can check http://www.fitday.com to check your intake). This has never been a problem for me though because I also burned that amount as I was training 5 or 6 days a week. However a catalogue of injuries and illnesses over the last 2 months have taken their toll and my exercise level has decreased without any discernable decrease in intake. So I’m feeling kind of squidgy. When I push my belly, some of my finger dissappears. This is different from previous weight gain I’ve had where I was intentionally adding mass and lifting heavy weights simultaneously. When I did that, there were corresponding gains across the midriff in muskles too. No such luck this time, if anything I’ve lost strength thanks to the food poisoning. So maybe this is what it’s like to be “Old and Fat”. I must reverse this process immediately. I started this morning with Some cleans, pulls and big squatting. I’ll keep you posted.


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