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So THAT'S where the gym is

Finally, no more posters stuck on the door.

I wanted to say a quick good luck to Paddy who fights in Cork this Saturday. If I’d remembered on Tuesday I would have made a bigger thing about it but I saw him yesterday morning so I forgot Tuesday was going to be
the last session he’d have before it. Paddy is a smashing Thai boxer who, and I mean this in the best possible manner, has really hurt me a few times in the last couple of months. I think the Kiddie Krippler will be all depressed for a the next couple of weeks while Paddy is gone, they had some epic sparring matches. Paddy is fighting an English lad who has my sympathies. I have no good photos of Paddy, the ones I took on Tuesday are shit because my hand was shaking from sparring the round before. So the best one I could get has him in his ghey headguard waaaaaayyyyy off in the background. Which is a blessing in disguise because that headguard was simply not in keeping with the man’s personality.

This photo actually makes it look like everyone was moving at an incredible rate, whereas in fact what was happening was that my hand was moving at an incredible rate and everyone was pretending to spar really hard.

The fight show is really taking shape. I’m picking up the 300 tickets today and with a bit of luck they’ll be totally sold out by tomorrow…


One thought on “So THAT'S where the gym is

  1. Good luck Paddy. I sparred with you only the once. I think I hit you only once too!The sign looks good.

    Posted by paul d'wonderful | October 30, 2008, 3:44 pm

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