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Informed Performance in Full Effect!

So this is what I’m talking about when I’m talking about integrated.

On Monday we had our first “official” day of training in the new gym. This meant that upstairs, I was taking a BJJ class, downstairs, Paddy was taking a Muay Thai class, and on the gym floor, Will was strength testing another group of people. Meanwhile on platform 1, Garret was doing his Olympic lifting training, and Dan was busy showing new people around.

It was everything I’ve ever wanted a gym to be and more.

I suppose the biggest thing for me here is that we’re not fucking around. Lot’s of people open gyms. Lots of people. And they start out with the intention of doing one thing or another and they end up being jack of all trades and masters of absolutely nothing. How many times have you seen people wanting to open a hardcore strength training or bodybuilding gym, and ending up having step aerobics classes? That happens because there’s no plan. The goal always has to be matched by two things, the right expertise and the right plan. We have the plan, and without intentionally trying to sound arrogant (so maybe just accidentally sounding arrogant), we have the expertise to go along with it.

More importantly than that, we know who we are and we know what we want to do. There’s an Informed Performance way of doing things. If you’re a member, you’ve probably already been exposed to that. We know what we want out of people and more importantly, we know how to get it.

This is an exciting time.


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