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August 10th is Opening Day

On Monday, Informed Peformance will be open to those looking to train in everything we do- strength and conditioning, fat loss, fitness, MMA… you name it.

It seems like it’s been a long time coming, but it’s actually only been a couple of months from farm to fork so to speak. We first floated the concept of a combined MMA/S&C gym in March of this year, and secured the premises in May. We moved in informally in mid-June so it has actually only been a 10 week fit out which isn’t bad. The only reason it seems so long is because people have been constantly asking when we’re going to open and keeping an eye on what we’re doing. The buzz about the gym has been great and we’re going to do something really unique to Irish gyms- we’re actually going to deliver.

I would highly recommend coming down on Monday with €79 in your hand to join. There is literally no gym like it. We may actually consider doing guided walkarounds for tourists because I own the place and even I am really excited about what I see when I walk into the gym. Keep an eye on the Informed Performance website for all kinds of updates, images, multimedia and events. We have lots of plans and ideas and if we only deliver on half of them it will still be amazing.

So this is officially the beginning of the new gym, and a new location for the blog to go with it. This is my section of the site which will have all of my ranting, raving, bitching and moaning. I can do whatever I want in here- post up videos, play my own music, bring my friends over and stay up late on school nights. This will also serve as a discussion point to replace the old KO Martial Arts forum which will soon be going for it’s chips. I hope to have some more substantial material on here pretty soon but for the moment, sit back and browse through the old posts on here like you’re watching repeats of Only Fools and Horse on Dave. I’ve been both hilarious and interesting and you all need to remind yourselves of that.


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