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Stress stress stress

It ain’t easy.

Yesterday I ran another successful Submission Tournament. I think it went pretty well but as always I’m open to suggestions as to how to make it better. Some of the more successful moves we made this time were having the finals of each division run later, moving the 3rd ring out into the front of the building and a speedier registration method. If you have any thoughts on what to do to improve the event, comment here, I’ll be happy to hear them. I have photos and full results on the PC in the gym so I’ll post them up on the IP mainsite tomorrow.

I can officially declare that the next IP Submission Tournament will be on Saturday, March 27th. I look forward to seeing you all there!

In other stress related news, it’s squeaky bum time for The Fight Before Christmas. We have about 60% of the tickets sold so we’re delighted so far with the response to the event and we’re really confident that the event will be a success. But that doesn’t make me any less stressed out, and maybe when the dust settles I’ll tell some of the frankly unbelievable tales of people who call themselves fighters. Let me just say for now that the next time the Chaos show is held in Derry, I’ll send fighters there as Evolve have been excellent in the run in to this event; or when Rumble in Rush is on, I’ll send fighters there as RFA have been excellent. I may vent and come out with the whole story after the show is done and dusted but let me just say for now that certain clubs will not be invited to future IP shows. It seems a bit silly to accuse amateur clubs of a lack of professionalism, so I’ll just use the term bad manners.

Anyway, back to the grindstone sorting out ringside table arrangements, chairs, dressing room food and water, doctors, medics and the big one… the fight card! If you haven’t got your tickets to the event yet it would be a good idea to get them now from the gym or from any of the fighters! You can also get them from me on 085-8320174 and arrange a pick up/meet to get them.


One thought on “Stress stress stress

  1. Barry,

    On the Sub wrestling, i did timekeeper and scorekeeper for Dave as ref when he did the intermediate and advanced divisions. Can i suggest longer rounds for those guys, eg 5mins for Novice, 6 for Intermediate and 7 for Advanced. The matches were very tight with several going into overtime with next point wins and longer rounds will give the more experienced guys more time to work their games.

    One other suggestion would be an extra division where you can only win by sub, no time limits. I dont know if its feasable but its worth considering.

    I’m available all day Saturday if you need a dogsbody. let me know, otherwise i’m not getting out of bed until its time to go to the show.

    Well done on running a great event.

    Posted by Tom D | December 7, 2009, 10:59 am

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