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Informed Performance Submission Tournament 2- Official Results

Thanks to all of the competitors, coaches and supporters who came along to the tournament on Saturday. The event was fun to put on, relatively stress free to organise and I think everyone enjoyed the day. We are doing it again on march 27th 2010. I hope everyone can make it. Particular thanks go to Dave Jones and Jim McInerney for their refereeing help all day, and to the clubs who supported in great numbers: Husaria, Next Generation, Morcegao, my kids from IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling Cow Gym and others too numerous to mention.

Errors or Ommissions in these results? Mail me barry@informedperformance.com and I’ll do my best to fix them.

Official Results:
1. Sean Duffy (Rush Fight Academy)
2. Daniel Silva (Next generation)
3. Neil Donnelly (IP/Dysdale Jiu JItsu)

1. Ruairdhrí Fegan (Cobra)
2. Andrea Cola (Morcegao Sapo Team)
3. Alexander (Morcegao Sapo Team)

1. Jimmy Cooney (Next generation)
2. Oisín Dunne (Athy BJJ)
3. Conor O’Keefe (Athy BJJ)

1. Kamil Rutkowski (SBG)
2. Simon O’Brien (Next Generation)
3. Gary O’Donnell (Waterford MMA)

1. Dean Barry (Next generation)
2. Jakub Banaszak (Husaria)
3. Cristophe (Berserkers)

1. Artur Bockowski (Berserkers)
2. Grzegorz Baran (Morcegao Sapo Team)
3. Lukasz Ziemlewicz (Berserkers)

1. Will Heffernan (IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu)
2. Damian Rogala (BKS Polonia Bydgoszcz)
3. Jason Bell (Gracie Barra)

1. Gave Green (Waterford MMA)
2. Tom Dargle (IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu)
3. Mike Wilde (Rush Fight Academy)

1. Artur Bocklowski (Berserkers)
2. Lukasz Ziemlewicz (Berserkers)
3. Fred Coupeau (IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu)

Intermediate Divisions
1. Richard Ivory (Next generation)
2. Grant Carroll (IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu)

1. Joey Breslin (Athy BJJ)
2. Danny Casey (Gracie barra Tralee)
3. Anthony Breslin (Athy BJJ)

1. Stephen Finlan (IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu)
2. Darren Henderson (Cobra)
3. Chris McCaffrey (Gracie Barra NI)

1. Darragh McCarthy (Next generation)
2. Ger glesson (IP/Drysdale Jiu Jitsu)
3. Michael Lazicki (Berserkers)

1. Mariusz Grzywinski (Berserkers)
2. Kevin Hagan (Morcegao Sapo team)
3. Wojtak (Husaria)

1. Marius Lapenas (Shootfighters)
2. Mikolaj Jopek (Berserkers)

Advanced Divisions
1. Darragh O’Connaill (Next generation)
1. Chris Leddy (Next generation)
3. Mikel Krzyi (Gracie Barra Tralee)

1. Charles Flemming (Next generation)
2. Anthony Broxson (Strefa Walki)

1. Piotr Stawski (Berserkers)
2. Neil O’Hara (Next Generation

1. Piotr Stawski (Berserkers)
2. Martin McLaughlin (Cobra)
3. Darragh O’Connaill (Next Generation)


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  1. Check out this cool technique

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