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Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful…

There was a time when snow was the best thing that could possibly happen to me. The schools would shut, it was open season to throw stuff at other people and you just didn’t care about getting cold. Now, the snow is a bloody hinderance. It stopped training altogether on Monday, we had to stop early on Tuesday so that people could leave a little earlier and get home safer and I had no session with Will this morning because my road has frozen over and it would have taken too long to get over and back and I have work to do dammit!

But I still managed to get an okay training week in. Some S&C on Tuesday morning looked like this:
Bike – 5mins
Y,T,W – 3×5,5,5
3×4minute row with 1 minute recovery
Work Block 1 – 10 mins
1A Box Jumps – 5 reps
1B Pull Ups – 3 reps
1C Elevated Push Ups – 10 reps
3×4minute row with 1 minute recovery
Work Block 2 – 10 mins
2A Split Jumps – 10 reps
2B Inverted Rows – 5 reps
2C KB Shoulder Press – 5 reps each side
3×4minute row with 1 minute recovery
3A III Way Bridging – 2 sets (30second each bridge variation)
3B Natural Reverse Hypers – 2 sets of 15 reps

I did all but the reverse hypers as I had to leggit with the snow. The rows were really hard as we had a distance target for each one. I got some help from Damian the lad I did it with regarding my rowing technique. His heart rate was something like 88bpm 3 minutes after the second sets of rowing whereas mine was 130 or so for the same rest. He had put in much more distance than me too so it was obvious that I was wasting a lot of energy. The back end of the first strength block got really hard. It looks easy- 5 jumps, 3 pulls, 10 pushes, but when you’re doing it, there’s not one of those exercises you could call a rest. The inverted rows on the second strength block were not too bad and I’d really like to test tomorrow just to see how my back is doing. There’s still some pain and immobility but (knock on wood) no training effect. Even when it spasmed the last time I was able to do the very next session pain free. Wednesday was some Muay Thai with Paddy in the morning, and last night was BJJ. So not much done all week but it can serve as a good unload week and I’ll get back on the bike Monday again for a double session.


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