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The Missing List

Are you on it?

I try not to whine and moan too much, I don’t like people who do. But sometimes I just feel the need to vent. Since the time I started coaching, I’ve tried to compete alongside it. It’s not always easy, most of the time it’s really hard and I have to really kick myself into gear come training time so that I keep going. But what I always make sure is that my guys who are going to fight and compete are getting the best they can get. The best conditioning, the best sparring, the best drilling. when it comes time to compete myself, I just hope I get the same in return.

But I don’t. For the past two times I’ve fought, I’ve had to either make do with very little sparring and sometimes almost none at all. I put 9 guys through their paces in December and gave them the best I could, put a few of them in the best shape of their lives and gave them the best shot of winning. Tonight on sparring night, one of them was there. Last week on the same night- none. The week before- one.

I’m really happy with my training right now, and I’m getting some good sparring with some other people outside the gym but what I’ve noticed is that when the time comes for people to get in the ring or on the mat themselves they’re keen as mustard and want all the help they can get. When it comes to reciprocating and showing up for other people and helping out, they don’t bother their arse even turning up. And it’s not just me. Keith goes in 3 weeks time and he’s in the same boat right now.

So from now on if you show up to me asking for a fight or looking for some extra training, I’ll have a few questions for you. Where were you when people needed sparring partners? Where were you when people needed padholders? Where were you when your team mates needed help? Watching Champions League? Having another rest night? Or in the gym helping out? I can only take it one of two ways: You either don’t think that people need sparring partners in which case you’re dumb, or you don’t give a fuck either way.

Team. What happened to that?


2 thoughts on “The Missing List

  1. What we really need to do is to open our own gym so we can kick the crap out of each other at work!

    Posted by Will Heffernan | March 11, 2009, 12:15 am
  2. guaranteed to be full tonight now

    Posted by Tom D | March 11, 2009, 7:19 pm

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