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Good Week So Far

It’s Friday and I’m mightily relieved. It’s bee 10 long weeks of waiting for a contract to be signed on my new house and during that time I’ve lost a lot of sleep. But today the contracts were signed so you can expect to see a moderately less stressted me in the coming weeks. That made my week, but in truth my week had been going pretty well up until that point.

On Monday I got a new car to replace the Canyonero (unexplained fires are a matter for the courts). It seems because of my chosen career I am doomed to drive sedate estates and SUVs. This time in a fit of environmental conscientiousness I plumped for a Renault Megane Estate… 1.4L. So taking off from lights is a real thrill now. It does 0-60 in 3.1 minutes or something. That said, I put 35 litres into it on Monday and it’s still running whereas the old yoke would have had to visit the filling station 12 times by now. My boy loves it though because he can climb into it unaided and it doesn’t smell like old socks…. yet. I also did an excellent BJJ session on Monday, after I did a really hard conditioning session which is in one of the posts below. Tuesday was MMA which due to a lack of sparring partners was pretty poor. Wednesday I did some pad rounds in the morning with Paddy, followed by an hours MMA sparring in the evening. I got some good strength work, deadlifting and incline benching, done on Thursday morning with some supplementary ab work and followed that up with a really good BJJ session that evening. In short, I think I’ve earned my rest day today and I plan to get to bed at about 9pm this evening, so no Late Late Show for me. My weight is a small concern. If you’ve seen me you’ll know I’m pretty lean right now without being shredded, but I have a lot of weight still to go and I don’t want to go into a sauna to get the last bits off. If I have to I will but I just don’t want to.

So right now I’m catching up with work and I’m hoping to get stuck into some eating tonight. I’ve decided that if I can’t have a cheat meal on the night I sell my house, when can I have it?

Lastly for this post, I wish I could have had my camera there last night for 3 of the kids doing their strength tests. All of them have improved from their last test in any case, but I wish I had some video of the three 15 year olds trap bar deadlifting twice their bodyweight. 130kgs and they could probably do more but I wouldn’t let them, I’m a spoilsport.


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