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Feeling Nostalgic

I was in the gym today thinking about how in a few weeks time I’ll have everything I ever need or have ever wanted for coaching and training, and I began to feel sad. Y’know there’s something romantic about making do with what little you have. When we were renting a scout hall for a few hours a week we had so little that we were basically bodyweight experts. The things I could do with a medicine ball, a few boxing gloves as marker points and a stopwatch. It was great and it fired the imagination.

So now we’re moving to the new facility and all of the things I make do with now will be gone. This makes me sad in some ways. But in the same way as I would never go back to holding a stopwatch and getting people to do dips on chairs again, I’m pretty sure I’ll get over not fashioning a glute ham raise like in the following video.

Someone asked a while back about GHRs on boards.ie and I told them I had a picture of what I do for them in the absence of a GHR bench. I actually couldn’t find that picture, and someone mailed me asking for it. So we did one today as I don’t like to let down my public. I think the video is easy enough to follow but here’s some explanations. There’s a kickpad under his knees that we use for…. eh… kicking and I’m standing on the foot pads to stop the tower from tipping over.

Poor Keith. He’d just done an 90 minutes including some heavy box squatting and then I asked him to do this. I’d like to thank him for taking some time out from watching Jenny Jones and Oprah this morning though to film this. Sorry about the bad sound quality but I think James had his finger on the microphone.


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