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For some reason I've had more time in the last couple of days…

That’s because I’ve cancelled the fight show. I am busier than a pair of plaid bell bottoms, so something had to give and I’m a perfectionist, so I’m not going to run a sub-par show. Instead I’ll do it again late in the summer in super dooper fashion with a really good professional card. In … Continue reading

Got interviewed before Christmas

Here it is. It never got printed as the article was canned apprently so the guy sent it back to me yesterday. Anyway, I’m sticking it here for posterity. Enjoy. Most people‚Äôs experience of martial arts is from Jackie Chan or The Karate Kid! Tell us a bit about the type of martial arts you … Continue reading

I want more followers

I was looking at my blog and thinking about revamping it, you know, change the colours, themes and so forth. Instead I decided that I want people to click on the follow tab and have their little heads on my blog. I only have two followers, one is Clive so that should actually be “stalker”, … Continue reading

Savage, savage night

And now, the dust has settled, and I feel like a ten tonne weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Firstly I want to say my thanks, then I’ll give a quick review of the night and how it went below. So in no particular order, thanks to:Paul, Pete, Edward, Stephen F, Hugh, Conor, Darragh … Continue reading

A Few Updates on the Fight Show

In the last couple of weeks, the hassle of having to organise this show has almost made me want to quit, go home to bed and not bother anymore. Then there are moments like the one yesterday, which made everything seem worthwhile. I was in town, picking up Christmas presents when I came upon a … Continue reading

Final Week of training ahead

So we’re in week 11 of 12, and the guys are looking and feeling good. I’ll spare a bit of information in this post as the lads are yet to fight so we’ll see how that goes before I really assess things. But here is a rough idea of what I tried to achieve in … Continue reading

2 weeks to go

I went down to the venue last night to have another look, take some measurements and so on. I’m bound to forget something but I’m really trying to cover all of the bases. So last night I measured out the warm up area which is basically a stage which we will screen off. It’s smaller … Continue reading