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2 weeks to go

I went down to the venue last night to have another look, take some measurements and so on. I’m bound to forget something but I’m really trying to cover all of the bases. So last night I measured out the warm up area which is basically a stage which we will screen off. It’s smaller than I thought originally. The last time I was there it was covered with chairs, goalposts and so on and when I went back last night it was cleared and I discovered that there’s a good few things that I thought were removable which aren’t. So what we’re left with is an area for each corner about 15 foot by 15 foot. Not bad but not as plentiful as I wanted originally. In better news the venue will be nice and compact without anyone being squashed in. There’ll be a good view no matter where you are in the room and the guys who run the club have been really cool about everything.

Strength and Power, eh, and some guys standing around
looking at strength and power

But what about the guys who will be gracing the arena? Well we had our penultimate fighters only session this morning and I’m happy to report that two niggly knocks have cleared up, and one weight difficulty is well on the way to being solved after some really disciplined eating. If you like carbs, it sucks but sometimes sacrifice is necessary. This morning we did some competitive relays, a good set of strength endurance work followed by 8 rounds of MMA. As I’ve said before, sparring is general to a point with only the last few weeks tapering to game plans but we’re starting to focus on individual game plans more now. Hopefully no surprises between now and then so it’s one last high intensity week next week and then maintenance for the last week unless there’s some serious cutting to be done in which case you may have one last night of work on the Wednesday evening.

I dropped €2 on the ground and this scramble ensued


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