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I was thinking there (don’t worry I had a spare ice pack handy to cool my brain down afterwards) about the questions I get when I’m coaching. I was thinking about making this a sort of FAQ post but that wouldn’t work. Instead, I’ll split this into the types of questions I get. Obviously this … Continue reading

Music time, it’s Monday! I often try to squeeze in some Nina Simone on the stereo in the gym. Some of these Emo kids need their horizons broadened.I just spent the weekend at my Strength and Conditioning coach’s seminar, and I was shocked and appalled to discover that there are about twenty 19 year olds … Continue reading

The beginnings of a weekly tradition

I’m going to start putting up some Monday music to start the week off. I get lots of enquiries as to what songs I’m playing in the gym on my ipod (mostly in the form of groans) so I thought I’d share with the world.Blackalicious- Chemical Calasthenics I was going to post up that Mos … Continue reading