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The beginnings of a weekly tradition

I’m going to start putting up some Monday music to start the week off. I get lots of enquiries as to what songs I’m playing in the gym on my ipod (mostly in the form of groans) so I thought I’d share with the world.

Blackalicious- Chemical Calasthenics

I was going to post up that Mos Def track that has him spelling Brooklyn in it that a couple of the lads love so much but there’s only maybe 4 people going to get that.

Was supposed to have a session this morning but had to cry off as my boy has an earache so I’ve stayed at home, watched Go Diego Go, Thomas the Tank Engine and played some Lego. The I was thinking about heading off for a run with my dog but that’s just depressing now because he’s getting so old that he’s having difficulty standing up in the mornings and now when we run I almost have to wait for him to catch up. On the plus side, he’s just about the best footwarmer I’ve ever had when you want sit and do some work.

So even though I was up most of the night with a litle boy with an earache, I still had to show up in my gym at 6am with the sum total of 2 hours sleep to work with a client. J is a 40 odd year old who wants to lose a few kgs and to be able to hit a golf ball longer. Actually, I think he’d be happy enough looking like a whale as long as he could hit a golf ball longer, he wants to play off scratch this year (let’s face it, who doesn’t?) so he’s got a full 5 shots to knock off before the summer is out. He’s a clever guy so has identified that all those niggles, the stiffness, the soreness and yes, the tiredness towards the 16th is a part of what’s preventing him from getting an invite to the Masters. In most conversations I have with people about golf they seem to think it’s a “game” rather than a “sport”. In other words it gets put in the same category as darts, snooker and tiddlywinks. All it takes is for you to swing a club at a little white ball and bingo, off it flies. This of course is not so. The golf swing is no different to say, that of a tennis player or a hurler other than that the feet are (relatively) static. It’s an enormously powerful action that, like any strike in any striking sport, takes in the whole body from toe to head. In fact, the rotation through the hips and the power generated from the trunk is not too dissimilar to throwing a rear leg kick. So if you’re approaching the end of that fighting career and are looking for a sport to go into that doesn’t involve getting hit, golf could be your new gig. Being a busy guy, J only has the very early morning to do his stuff so he gets me full of espresso and probably at the most energetic I’ll be all day, but man am I tired now.


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