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Simple Programming advice

Simple programming advice from a simple person: 1) Pick one of these exercises- Bench Press, Deadlift, Back/Front Squat, Power Clean, Weighted Pull up (if you can do more than 8 regular pull ups) Do it 5 times. Rest, then another 5, and another until you’ve done 5 sets 2) Pick an exercise that’s kind of … Continue reading

I Feel, Therefore I Won’t

I don’t feel like it has to be one of the most damaging, demotivational statements out there. It’s a real First World Complaint. It’s only in the past 100 years or so that man has had the option to do things he feels like. I do things I feel like all the time for example. … Continue reading

Consistency isn’t about being 100% right

I broke my diet and ate a slice of cake, I now may as well eat the whole cake. I’ll start again tomorrow. I missed training on Monday night. I may as well not go on Wednesday now and just start fresh next week. I meant to do 3 sets of benching, didn’t feel like … Continue reading

GAA Strength and Conditioning Article

I came across this article by Colm O’Rourke on the Irish Independent website. Have a read first and then come back to me: http://www.independent.ie/sport/gaelic-football/colm-orourke-muscles-must-be-flexed-to-police-new-conditioning-fad-29950686.html For those of you who can’t read the article, the basic take-home messages are: 1. The game is different to the way it was when O’Rourke played 2. Some of that … Continue reading

Simple Fitness Tests for Simple People

I’m going to do a few things with this post, since it’s likely to be the last one of 2013. Firstly, I’m going to apologise to my regular reader (there’s that single reader joke again, never gets old) for the lack of updates on my blog. My personal and working life has just been too … Continue reading

Summer time

And the living is easy. But not for Erin’s Isle minor candidates who are 2 weeks into a pre-minor camp with me for 8 weeks of their summer holidays. Next Thursday at 12.30pm I’m going to be talking to the guys about the training they’re doing, essentially condensing my whole youth training philosophy into a … Continue reading

About Carrot and Stickship

I just got to thinking… I was at training on Monday afternoon with some young guys and spoke to one of their parents afterwards. While the class was clearing up we had a little chat and she joked “I can’t even get him to walk to the shops and here he is exhausted after training … Continue reading

A cuppa with some youth players…

I spoke a little bit with a young group I was coaching last week about their motivation, how they measure success and so on. It was an informal chat since we had to call training off early due to the weather conditions. A nice bloke from the club arrived in with 2 large pots of … Continue reading

Preseason GAA Training

It’s preseason time right now and I’m really enjoying working with a great bunch of young guys at Erin’s Isle GAA in Finglas. The guys are a dual code team (ie. They play both football and hurling) and we’ve been working together about 3 months now. We’ve completed a 10 week strength camp and now … Continue reading

Positive Language in Coaching

One just for the coaches here. You may have heard of various methods of how you communicate with your athletes. PCP is one of them, and I’m not talking about drugging yourself or your athletes, it stands for Praise Correct Praise. For example if I want to see better technique, or if I have a … Continue reading