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Preseason GAA Training

It’s preseason time right now and I’m really enjoying working with a great bunch of young guys at Erin’s Isle GAA in Finglas. The guys are a dual code team (ie. They play both football and hurling) and we’ve been working together about 3 months now. We’ve completed a 10 week strength camp and now we’re on the pitch once a week running agility and conditioning in the main with some strength work too.

We had a nice session in the cold today working on agility and quickness. But first we had some fun warming up.

Today went:
Warm up-
Jog out, backward jogs, knees heels up etc. to loosen out. Then some single leg activation work followed by some pummeling games and some messing about as in the video.

We then switched to the meat and bones of the session. 5 minutes at each of these stations:
1. Backwards jog with a fast turn to sprint on the call. Long recovery between sprints. Each sprint a max of 5m
2. 3m zigzag pattern. Focus on change of feet.
3. Descending/ascending step pattern.

The total work time for the whole session is 15 minutes. Obviously we’re doing a lot of work in the warm up too, but this isn’t very heavy. I wanted the guys warm but fresh for the agility work.

Nice little session followed by a little match afterwards.


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