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Strength and Conditioning

Simple Programming advice

Simple programming advice from a simple person:

1) Pick one of these exercises- Bench Press, Deadlift, Back/Front Squat, Power Clean, Weighted Pull up (if you can do more than 8 regular pull ups) Do it 5 times. Rest, then another 5, and another until you’ve done 5 sets
2) Pick an exercise that’s kind of like the above. Dumbbell press helps with bench, straight leg deadlift helps with Deads, Lunges help with squats etc. Do a bunch of these. It doesn’t matter in what order as long as you do more than 30 and less than 50 in 3 to 5 sets.
3) Do something that does the opposite of what you did in 1). If you pushed (bench), then pull (row).
4) Do something that holds your core in place for a few sets. Like planks or holds.
5) Do something that twists or bends your core, and try to weight it in some way. weighted sit ups or Russian twists.
6) Do almost anything else that doesn’t hurt you. It really doesn’t matter what it is. You can pump your arms, do box jumps, walk on the treadmill, have a coffee.

Here’s my saying that everyone I train knows.

“If you haven’t done it within 45 minutes, then it’s not worth doing”.

Keep your intensity and concentration high and you’re already doing better than 90% of gym-goers.


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