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An all action update

Since I was a a miserable git yesterday, I’ve decided to make this entry as cheery as Rolf Harris after winning the lottery. Whoop dee frickin doo I’m a crock. Hooray for everything and so on.

I’m just back from this morning’s session which was an eventful one. No that’s not true, I’m back ages and I just watched the mighty Liverpool claim a victory in spite of the best efforts of their profligate Irish striker who tried very hard to let Bolton back into it. The session this morning was tough, 3 minute conditioning rounds followed by 8 or so rounds of sparring. I enjoyed watching but I really think I would have enjoyed doing it more.

Capper was back after a layoff, and I probably should have taken it easy on him and been nice, but instead I did this…


And that led to this:

The results are in, I’m a dickhead.

Someone actually said to me a few weeks ago that they were at a gym that they had joined earlier in the year and gone to twice (heard that before?). The upshot of the conversation was that they couldn’t believe how little most people do in the gym, and expect to get fit. How many times have you seen anyone looking like Capper does in this video in your regular gym? I’d say none. They’re too busy looking at the giant TV on the wall, walk/jogging on the treadmill and hoping that whatever little dribble of sweat they produce that day will do the work for them and as if by magic they’ll be in better shape. Except if they’re like 90% of gym goers they won’t. There’s a good reason why practically nobody in a commercial gym ever changes shape and that’s because the whole atmosphere is too damn clinical, nobody makes you do anything and the minimum wager on the desk couldn’t give a flying fuck whether you shift your love handles or gain two new ones. Most people don’t even understand why they go to the gym. They say they want to “get fit” but they don’t set themselves a target, and never mind getting a push them they hardly even get a gentle prod from the staff. I’d sooner be driven to faintness every now and again than cruising in my comfort zone.

So today was tough, tough enough that someone who is a little out of shape nearly fainted, someone in decent enough shape felt light headed and 6 guys who are in great shape felt like they’d done a tough workout. Next time it’ll be easier…. but if I do my job, not too much easier.

Oh and here’s proof if proof was needed, Jonny is a…


One thought on “An all action update

  1. Cheers Baz – you always manage to put a positive spin on your seemingly dickhead antics!

    Posted by Mr C | November 17, 2008, 1:19 pm

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