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We have moved!

It seems like we’ve been talking about it for so long that it would never actually happen, but I got some keys last week and we packed up KO Martial Arts, put the name in the attic and moved everything to Informed Performance Gym. For those of you interested we’re now at
Unit 5, Tolka Business Park,
Ballyboggan Road,
Dublin 11
After a massive clean up, we hosted the first of the classes on Monday and we had another session this evening. This was Monday:
That looks like a tiny little gym doesn’t it, but here’s the long view from the front door:
Under the mezzanine there, you can just about make out the shape of 8 guys grappling. They’re a long way away though. Right now I feel pretty stupid, like I’m playing 5 a side in Croker but when everything else is in it’ll be great and the large echo I’m hearing when I call out drills will be gone.

The best laid plans we had have come a cropper to some extent, the ring and cage wall were supposed to be installed by now but haven’t been as they haven’t been delivered. I’m told the ring and the downstairs matting is in Dublin somewhere, but where? Has some kid had it delivered for his Birthday celebrations in lieu of a bouncy castle? It’s hard to say, but I’m hopeful that tomorrow will bring better results on that front. The cage wall isn’t here because of some padding part which comes from Taiwan but didn’t come from Taiwan or something like that. I’ve stopped listening to be honest but again, I’m expecting better news from that tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s the old (only 6 months old mind you) mats, underneath the mezzanine and it’s some good fun trying to avoid a giant steel pillar. Good times.

Here was some light MMA groundwork from tonight. I seem to be blabbing right through it but in my defence, I wasn’t training and I’ve been night feeding now for a week. I haven’t yet adapted to sleeping 4 hours a night and I think I’m talking shite most of the time now. That might account for this. Avid blog watchers may recognise the return of the Vengaboy who dragged his skinny hole up to training for the first time in 2 months tonight. Already, he’s bitching about the train ride home and how he has no lift. I think I’ll start another swear jar and this one will be the buy Vengaboy a scooter campaign.


This is the sort of sparring we do a lot of on Tuesday nights. When people see an MMA sparring class written on the timetable they assume it’ll be a blood and bone session but that’s never the case. This is the sort of sparring I’d define as game play. MMA is a game, a very tough game, but just a game. So to be trying to mess each other up every night would be idiotic and counter productive. So here the guys are getting to play against each other. There’s light striking but the emphasis tonight was on safe grappling and striking against a superior grappler, this was the game plan we used with Amanda last week as her opponent was an experienced judo player.

So we’re up and running at Informed Performance. I hope to see you all on the mat there soon. I also hope that I’ll see you all in the ring there soon, but that would depend on the ring being freed from that child’s birthday party intact.


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