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A Quick Challenge

Hey all,

I had a major rant in the gym on Thursday and it’s probably quite fortunate that not a lot of people were there to hear it. Anyway, instead of banging my head against a brick wall as I usually do, I’ve come up with the following challenge to everyone who I train.

  1. Get a diary- a piece of paper, a blog, a copy book whatever
  2. Write in it every session you do- how long, how hard etc.
  3. At the end of a month, ask yourself if you’ve done enough

If you’re happy that you have, fine. If you’re not, then take steps to improve the amount of time you spend training, or the quality of the sessions that you do.

I’m considering a radical overhaul of the way that I train people and the way that I run classes. I think it will benefit the people who are interested in putting in the effort to train and give those who are happy just to show to classes what they want too. Maybe it’s the flu I’ve had, maybe it’s the injuries and maybe it’s the fact that not too many of a really loyal club man’s team mates have bothered their arses coming to spar with him when he has had a fight, but I’ve become really jaded with the whole business of trying to drag people along to sessions.So those people can stick it up their hole I’m not bothering with them anymore and I’ll concentrate on new people and the people who put time and effort in from now on.

I’m not 100% sure what the revamp will look like yet but I have a few ideas. I’ve almost no doubt that a few people’s noses will be out of joint when I do it but I’ve always said that I’ll look after the the people who put in the most effort before anyone else and that’s what this will be about.


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