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Mo training!

Since having the idea to log training more often, I have trained less often. I’ve been a bit sick this week, not enough to keep me at home but enough to keep me from training. But I did get these sessions in.

Sunday 7th Oct
Had a swim in the morning and then went up to see Foxy for a roll. Good fun for about an hour.

Monday 8th
Arrived at the gym to coach feeling a little woozy. Had a can of red bull (which I never drink) and apparently it got me through the session, both coaching and training. We did a 45min tap and change round which is among the toughest sessions we do, and once we were done, I was done. Started to shiver a bit and by the time I got home I was ready for bed. Stayed there until Tuesday night when I had to get up and coach again.

And that beings us up to date on my training. A bit disappointing this week but I have a session tonight and then tomorrow I’m travelling to limerick to train there for the day. So I should have a good weekend even if the week was poor.

In case you didn’t already know, Metamoris is in Sunday, and I’m told you can watch the matches online. It’s a really interesting format, 20 minute matches, no points, submission only. Hopefully I’ll get to watch it live.


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