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Simple Fitness Tests for Simple People

I’m going to do a few things with this post, since it’s likely to be the last one of 2013. Firstly, I’m going to apologise to my regular reader (there’s that single reader joke again, never gets old) for the lack of updates on my blog. My personal and working life has just been too … Continue reading

Don’t fail. Here’s a really quick post but hopefully an informative one on exercise selection when doing conditioning training. There is one key thing I advise when selecting movements and exercises for high intensity conditioning sessions. Never fail Within that phrase are 2 key things. First is to never fail because either the weight you’re … Continue reading

Mo training!

Since having the idea to log training more often, I have trained less often. I’ve been a bit sick this week, not enough to keep me at home but enough to keep me from training. But I did get these sessions in. Sunday 7th Oct Had a swim in the morning and then went up … Continue reading

Keep intensity high!

Quick knowledge blast! Answered a pm on Facebook on this a few mins ago but let’s share since I’m in the mood and just got the WordPress app on my phone. I’ve just finished off a nice rack of lamb and I’m sitting listening to Jeff Buckley with a glass of milk while tapping away … Continue reading

My Training Log

Sooooo….. I thought I’d blog some training. Reason being I’ve had no time or opportunity to write anything substantial since I’ve started back work with the schools. I am working with an underage team too and a boxing coach I was previously only writing programmes for has taken to asking me in more often to … Continue reading

The Head to Toe of Injury Prevention for Grapplers: Part 3, The Shoulders

Let’s talk shoulders this time. I had originally planned to have this post be an all encompassing arm and shoulder one, but the scope of the shoulder and the myriad problems caused by just this section of the body in grapplers warrants a full post. This is by no means comprehensive, since a comprehensive post … Continue reading

The Head to Toe of Injury Prevention for Grapplers: Part 2- The Neck

So let’s talk about the neck a bit, but first, a warning from our legal team.* While I am an exercise professional, I am not a doctor, nor am I a qualified medical professional of any kind, although I did once correctly guess that a friend had crabs from the way he was walking. Perform … Continue reading

The Head to Toe of Injury Prevention for Grapplers: Part 1, the ears

Believe it or not, when I asked for requests on what common injuries they would like to avoid, the majority of people wanted to know how best to avoid cauliflower ear. I really had no idea that people felt this strongly about their ears, and I hadn’t originally intended to write at all about this … Continue reading

Injury prevention ideas

I’ve been tinkering with the idea of committing to paper a series of prehab articles with video and pictures on the most common grappling and MMA injuries. I may run it as an article on another site (work!) or on here, depending on the format. Possibly the way I will do this is to put … Continue reading

Bodyweight Video

You’ll see this a bit more in my column for vpxsports.com, but I made this video yesterday to go along with an article for that site and I really like the way the video came out so I thought I’d post an early peek. The goal of the article is to introduce zero-equipment training with … Continue reading