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Someday never comes

Regrettably, ┬árecently it’s been all work and no play for me. I don’t seem to be able to get more than a couple of hours here or there on the mat thanks to work and a sick little boy in my house. Hopefully my little guy gets well soon and I can start to train … Continue reading

I want more followers

I was looking at my blog and thinking about revamping it, you know, change the colours, themes and so forth. Instead I decided that I want people to click on the follow tab and have their little heads on my blog. I only have two followers, one is Clive so that should actually be “stalker”, … Continue reading

I think I'm about to burst.

My festive indulgences later, but first a reminder to all my festive readers that we’re back in the gym on Monday 29th from 7 -8(BJJ) and 8-9.30 (MMA), and then on Tuesday 30th from 7-8(BJJ) and 8-9.30 (thai). After that, there’s another wee break to get over the new years celebrations and then back in … Continue reading

Easily the best thing about Christmas time is the queuing. It’s fantastic. You go out to the shops, you queue to get into the carpark, then you queue to get a space, then you queue for the bank machine. Once you have money to spend, you queue to buy stuff followed swiftly by an intense … Continue reading