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This Post Will Motivate You!

That’s a misleading title as always but I always struggle with naming the posts. Have you ever asked anyone how they feel, and instead of answering hungry, or angry, or excited, they answered “I feel motivated”? I ask people how they feel about things a lot, it’s sort of a part of my job. Occasionally, … Continue reading

Rest? Who needs it?

I had a discussion with some friends over beer and barbecue yesterday about the effects of training and age on your body. We’re all of the same age (mid to late thirties), and are of varying levels of physical activity. We had a bit of a laugh at the niggles and stiffness we were all … Continue reading

DOMS- The Silent Killer

DOMS Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness AKA that sore feeling you get in the days after training a new activity, or increasing the intensity of your training. I’m going to tell you a few ways to avoid the worst of your DOMS, and to assist in your recovery when you do get them. First of all … Continue reading

The Average Person Achieves a Black Belt

Today I’m free to do whatever I want! So I’m going to catch up on work and update my blog. So it goes. I’ve seen this thrown about lately. It’s just an image of the type you see thrown around social media. I totally disagree with the above statement, for the same reasons I also … Continue reading

New Year New Me and all that crap

This is another post about the trials of social media and its contribution to modern life. So if you’re interested in that kind of thing, read on. If not, there are plenty of other places to look. Try something that says “This *X* is just about the best *Y* we’ve seen all day!” I believe … Continue reading

The Brain in the Jar talk

I just put this on Facebook: “I just gave a talk that was initially titled “Beyond Formal Exercise- developing a healthy lifestyle in young adults”, but the Q&A turned into “Exercising is difficult because adults put up barriers for us”. Really interesting food for thought from a bunch of 15/16 year olds. I may even … Continue reading

On coaching kids

I get asked for advice on how to coach kids, so I’ll share some. This will be brief. 1) Be really good at what you do. I don’t mean that you’re a really good BJJ fighter or a really good football player. Coaching isn’t playing. Educate yourself and become an outstanding coach, even if you’re … Continue reading

My fat generator idea

This is my train of thought over yesterday condensed into a few paragraphs. This might sound a little miserable. Don’t read if you want to stay happy. I was chatting to a neighbour. I told her jokingly that I had a great business idea to solve the obesity epidemic and to reduce our dependency on … Continue reading

I Feel, Therefore I Won’t

I don’t feel like it has to be one of the most damaging, demotivational statements out there. It’s a real First World Complaint. It’s only in the past 100 years or so that man has had the option to do things he feels like. I do things I feel like all the time for example. … Continue reading

Consistency isn’t about being 100% right

I broke my diet and ate a slice of cake, I now may as well eat the whole cake. I’ll start again tomorrow. I missed training on Monday night. I may as well not go on Wednesday now and just start fresh next week. I meant to do 3 sets of benching, didn’t feel like … Continue reading