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GAA Strength and Conditioning Article

I came across this article by Colm O’Rourke on the Irish Independent website. Have a read first and then come back to me: http://www.independent.ie/sport/gaelic-football/colm-orourke-muscles-must-be-flexed-to-police-new-conditioning-fad-29950686.html For those of you who can’t read the article, the basic take-home messages are: 1. The game is different to the way it was when O’Rourke played 2. Some of that … Continue reading

On Bulletproof Coffee

It’s not that Bulletproof Coffee is bollocks… It’s just that it’s a little irritating to see people embrace a fad as a revolution, though that is becoming depressingly more common with the quick promulgation of information through social media channels. Everyone is asking me about it, about if I’ve used it, if I’d recommend it, … Continue reading

Defining Sport Specific Training

I was asked the other day about Sport Specific Training. I don’t think I’ve seen a good definition of what Sport Specific Training is, and I was asked the other day so I’ll have a little go at defining it here. Sport Specific Training is any training that results in a performance improvement in a … Continue reading

The Crab Bucket

When you set a lofty goal or a target, and you’re Irish, that naturally means you’re the target of ridicule or the “who does he think he is” attitude that is prevalent in the irish psyche. It is often said that we are a nation of begrudgers, but I don’t agree with that necessarily. I … Continue reading

About Carrot and Stickship

I just got to thinking… I was at training on Monday afternoon with some young guys and spoke to one of their parents afterwards. While the class was clearing up we had a little chat and she joked “I can’t even get him to walk to the shops and here he is exhausted after training … Continue reading

It’s all me, me, me

I wonder and have doubts about the idea of being properly analytical about your own training. I think it is possible but I think you have to monitor yourself very carefully. I hate the term “self coached” since that implies you almost came up with stuff independently, however for the bulk of my 20s and … Continue reading

Success and Winning

“No written word nor spoken plea can teach young minds what they should be, not all the books on all the shelves but what the teachers are themselves.” -Elbert Hubbard Check out ‘Coach’ John Wooden’s talk on success and what it means, and why it’s different from winning. I speak a lot with my colleagues from … Continue reading

A cuppa with some youth players…

I spoke a little bit with a young group I was coaching last week about their motivation, how they measure success and so on. It was an informal chat since we had to call training off early due to the weather conditions. A nice bloke from the club arrived in with 2 large pots of … Continue reading

That’s one small step for clean sport…

What is it about drug cheats that get our goat so much? Lance Armstrong, it would appear to me from my vantage point, is a liar, a bully, a cheat, and an egomaniac, and all of this would seem to add up to him being a pretty deplorable sportsman. However if he had admitted to … Continue reading

Positive Language in Coaching

One just for the coaches here. You may have heard of various methods of how you communicate with your athletes. PCP is one of them, and I’m not talking about drugging yourself or your athletes, it stands for Praise Correct Praise. For example if I want to see better technique, or if I have a … Continue reading