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Strength Training Template

There’s a lot of talk in professional circles about Continuous Professional Development, or CPD. The idea is that the world is moving so quickly that you need to keep up or you will be left behind. But I want to talk about an older phenomenon known as TTBOWTB, which will never catch on. But it’s … Continue reading

I was thinking there (don’t worry I had a spare ice pack handy to cool my brain down afterwards) about the questions I get when I’m coaching. I was thinking about making this a sort of FAQ post but that wouldn’t work. Instead, I’ll split this into the types of questions I get. Obviously this … Continue reading

4 weeks to go

I’m getting closer to fighting now. It’s something I’m looking forward to, but maybe not for the normal reasons. I’m at home today looking after my son who has the chickenpox so I have some time to be introspective. If you’re not willing to be bored to tears, look away now. I don’t compete because … Continue reading

Music time, it’s Monday! I often try to squeeze in some Nina Simone on the stereo in the gym. Some of these Emo kids need their horizons broadened.I just spent the weekend at my Strength and Conditioning coach’s seminar, and I was shocked and appalled to discover that there are about twenty 19 year olds … Continue reading

The Present and the Future

Was asked a question at training today about what I reckon the future of MMA was. Would people no longer be “specialists”, preferring instead to be just good enough at everything to win fights? The short answer is no. I don’t think so. What I think is hard to put in one post but I’ll … Continue reading

Unstable Surfaces, Bosu, Swiss and a load of balls

Fielded a few questions and got into a few arguments on my opinions* on unstable surface stuff on Saturday, and then later with beers on board before and after the UFC. Most of the questions were comical enough without the ensuing arguments. Usually you get two types of opinion on Swiss Balls:Bloke 1- “I think … Continue reading

I haven’t been as diligent with my updates of late, apologies for that. This month, as you can imagine, is the busiest month of the year for me. Lots of calls to field from people looking to train, lots of emails to answer from just about everyone, and lots of people looking to literally change … Continue reading

Ways to annoy me:

Spot the Idiocy A) Don’t indicate on a roundabout.2) Indicate right when you’re going straight on a roundaboutC) Litter5) Don’t show for your strength test Also that Heineken Cup ad that’s on lately with the old man talking about the “sense of things” he gets from the ould stadium is pretty headwrecking. But strength testing … Continue reading

Got interviewed before Christmas

Here it is. It never got printed as the article was canned apprently so the guy sent it back to me yesterday. Anyway, I’m sticking it here for posterity. Enjoy. Most people’s experience of martial arts is from Jackie Chan or The Karate Kid! Tell us a bit about the type of martial arts you … Continue reading