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Ways to annoy me:

Spot the Idiocy

A) Don’t indicate on a roundabout.
2) Indicate right when you’re going straight on a roundabout
C) Litter
5) Don’t show for your strength test

Also that Heineken Cup ad that’s on lately with the old man talking about the “sense of things” he gets from the ould stadium is pretty headwrecking.

But strength testing it was today, and I had the grand total of 2 of the fight team as most of the lads haven’t yet drifted back into the gym yet after the break, and those that have were either sick or working. But what the heck, it gave a few of the guys who have fighting in the back of their mind an opportunity to test and see where they’re at. Here are the results:
And some of the targets below the scores. As I was saying to the boys today, it’s not that you must hit these targets before you fight, but that everyone should be aiming for the targets. As you can see the results were what you might expect from people who haven’t undergone a strength programme yet. The notable exception on the list is Kyle who as you can see has some almost up to standard upper body scores on his bodyweight tests, though he still has some work to do. The reason he’s above the others is because he’s been doing the strength programme for about 3 months now, although he was a pretty strong kid to begin with.

The lower body tests have been shite thanks to the lack of facility and equipment but I’ll sort that out in the next couple of weeks by finally investing in a decent trap bar. For the last training period we used the SLJ and I did it again today for pig iron. If I could scale lower body strength tests, the SLJ would be about number 5, but of that list 3 require some technique to be learned first, and the other we don’t have the facility for.


3 thoughts on “Ways to annoy me:

  1. whats SLJ Barry ?

    Posted by garrett | January 11, 2009, 1:01 pm
  2. Standing Long Jump. Stand beside some tape in power position and jump as far as you can. As opposed to just long jump where you can run like hell before jumping.

    Posted by Barry Oglesby | January 11, 2009, 2:22 pm
  3. ah ok

    Posted by garrett | January 11, 2009, 4:26 pm

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