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Preseason GAA Training

It’s preseason time right now and I’m really enjoying working with a great bunch of young guys at Erin’s Isle GAA in Finglas. The guys are a dual code team (ie. They play both football and hurling) and we’ve been working together about 3 months now. We’ve completed a 10 week strength camp and now … Continue reading

Battling the complications

I purchased a pair of heavy ropes last week, for use both as battling ropes and as climbing ropes to hang out of our bag frame. I’ve been playing with them since. For those of you who don’t know what battling ropes are, here’s a 7 second video of me using them on Monday night. … Continue reading

LOADS of video.

In the interest of making my blog look a little better and in response to some slagging in the gym about it, I’m going to make a very informative post today, full of video footage and lots of stuff like that Here’s stage one of last night’s beginner MMA, or MMA101 as we call it. … Continue reading

At Last – Some Video

Had my first training session on the brand new matted area this morning with Paddy and I have to say they are beautiful. I can’t wait to grapple on them this evening. I am literally going to allow people to pass my guard just to shrimp out. Prepare for gward spinning invertedness, you have been … Continue reading