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At Last – Some Video

Had my first training session on the brand new matted area this morning with Paddy and I have to say they are beautiful. I can’t wait to grapple on them this evening. I am literally going to allow people to pass my guard just to shrimp out. Prepare for gward spinning invertedness, you have been warned.

So I promised more video in the blog and this morning I had the best of intentions of bringing my camera but instead I forgot and so you’ll have to put up with the grainy video from my phone. This morning I did some pads with Paddy. We didn’t spar because I had to quit early and clean the gym up for the kids tonight so we just got 5 rounds each in but that was enough for me because by round 3 I was pretty tired. I’ve had a really good week training wise so far but a pretty poor week sleep and eats wise and I think it caught up with me today. This was round 4 but it wasn’t much better before this.

Look at those skinny legs man!

Now if right now you’re thinking “oh stop being so modest” cos you think that was actually good, I’m going to throw up a vid in 4 weeks time of a morning session, 4th round and we’ll compare then. If you still think it was good, check out Paddy’s 5th round, I’ll put a very simple comparison in afterwards.

Hard to do. Harder to hold for!

The simple comparison between the two? I’m fitter than Paddy but Paddy is better than me… We’ll leave it at that shall we? In about 4 weeks time when his fight is almost around, Paddy will be fitter AND better than me so I’ll feign injury come sparring time I think, it’s already bad enough.

We got to talking about quotes this morning, and Paddy reminded me of something I said once, I think it was either after hard sparring or after some cardio rounds. Someone was moaning or heaving and I said “Newsflash. Fighting is hard.” Anyway Paddy liked it and is going to give me royalties whenever he uses it. He gave me a good one from his coach in Cork which was “A smart fighter wins fights he should lose”. I like that but no one is getting a penny from me.


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