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Some Conditioning Work for MMA

Here is what the lads did today. Quite a small session with only 5 in attendance but everyone knows by now that they’re usually the best ones. The gym was set out into a 5 station circuit, of which one was a mini circuit in itself. The time was 5 minutes divided into 1 minute intervals. So for example the first circuit looked like this:
1. Pull Ups
2. Back raises
3. Plate shifting
4. Push ups
5. Mini circuit.

Now I didn’t really give a damn about 1-4, I knew the lads would be saving themselves to some degree for the mini-circuit, the real concern here was the speed at which they completed the circuit. My guesstimation was that each time around should take about 20 seconds, or 3 in a minute. I was proven right as mostly the guys either got the 3 circuits in or just about missed out on getting 3 in. It was 4 punches on the floor bag, run to the med ball, 4 air squats, run for a touch to the next marker, bear crawl to a touch on the next marker and then back in.

This was the first of 5

The second time out we changed the exercises up slightly, but kept the time the same. Once again I was proven to be a genius as it still took about 20 seconds per run. We switched it up to a knee ride and punch for 4 switches, a run out for a touch, back for a touch and then 4 sit-thrus, bear crawl to a touch and then run back in.

The second circuit

I’m a genius, as I was saying, but I really wanted to prove it so I gave the guys a good rest and they all had a go at trying to get 4 complete circuits in a minute. Here’s Sebastien trying, he got the closest. Note how all of the guy’s superb form from the other rounds suddenly deteriorates when it comes time to try to prove me wrong. This is some of the worst knee-on-belly I’ve ever seen.

And he won’t think me for this, but here’s Stephen showing his Bruce Lee stylee one-inch-punching during his round. This has also got some impromptu try scoring technique in the end.

This is probably my favourite video of all time.

Mixed conditioning sessions like these are probably the least understood aspect of conditioning. Most people think that intensity is absolutely vital 100% of the time but really today the guys only did 5 minutes in total at maximum intensity. If we did the same circuit for 5 minutes total the training effect would not have been the same. You can see the guys going balls out to get around for 3 in a minute whereas if we did 5 consecutively, there would have been no hope of that as no matter how much I encouraged a balls out first 3 rounds, there would have been a natural tendency to save something for the 4 minutes afterwards.


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