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We've been told to shut up

Yeah we have a guy who is basically running the show now and he’s told Will and I to be quiet and stop talking about the new gym until we open it up. We’re both disgusted of course because we love to talk but in fairness, when he explained it to us we knew it was the right thing to do. He’s our boss now. When we hired him I thought we were going to tell him what to do but actually it’s all gone a bit like HAL in 2001. He’s supposed to be working for us, but now he’s taking over. I’m not even sure if I’m breaking the rules by talking about this now but please rest assured that everything is progressing nicely behind the scenes. I can ABSOLUTELY assure you that the biggest progress is being made in the bank accounts which are dwindling nicely as we continue to add toys to our shopping list. I’ll finish by repeating a small but significant fact- this will be Ireland’s premier sports and MMA training facility and I am so excited by the prospect that I can barely sleep at night.

There Dan, I don’t think I gave too much away in that small paragraph. Was that allowed?

I’ve decided to train tomorrow, pain or no pain. I feel disgustingly sloppy and lethargic so tomorrow I’m going to eat some porridge for brekkie, train away, then have some nice chicken and feta salad with rockette and spinach, follow it up in the evening with a nice meal of meat and veggies. I have to plan these things. It’s amazing how quickly you can go from fit to fat and while I’m hardly bursting out of my girdle here, I have noticeably lost definition and worse still I feel lethargic and bloated. A bad diet really is the pits. It’s a cliche that you can’t out train one, but imagine living like this all the time. Imagine getting zero exercise, eating zero fibrous veg, existing almost entirely on white flour, sugar or soya based products. What’s that? You don’t have to imagine it, you’re doing it already? Well then you should change. It’s no secret that I love chocolate. I would have chocolate for every meal if I could and in the last week I’ve binged a bit but I’ll moderate my intake as of tomorrow.

On the same subject of soya, wheat and sugar, I recommend reading Raj Patel’s critique of the modern food industry, Stuffed and Starved. It’s interesting to read that what you eat today is just as susceptible to business influence as the interest rates you lend and save at.


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