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Ninja Training


I have been out of commission for 7 weeks now, and yesterday I started my journey back to full training. I threw myself at it pretty hard.

Yesterday I did C2

Mobility & Stability

Leg Swings

Scap Push Ups

Overs & Unders


Hurdle Steps

Inverted Shrugs

Fire Hydrants

Prowler Push – 10 mins 15m each way up to 10 sets- I managed to get my ten in at 11 minutes, but I was pretty messed up and the uphill was quite stressful on the bad hand.

5min recovery

15 min Workblock 1

1A Trap Bar Deadlifts – 3 reps (80% of BW)- Used 70kgs, no adverse afeects from the hand.

1B Pull Ups – 3 reps (Assisted if needed)- Used a band for assistance, I could probably have done these but I didn’t want to chance it

1C Push Ups – 10 reps- Used the handles to ease pressure on the wrist

5min recovery

Prowler Push – 10 mins 15m each way up to 10 sets- got 10 done in 9 minutes indoors, I did consider doing more to finish out the 15 minutes. By that I mean I considered it for 0.005 of a second.

5min recovery

15 min Workblock 2

2A Step Ups – 5 reps- Used a high step and did single leg for 5

2B Barbell Row – 3 reps (50% of BW)- used 50kgs

2C – DB Shoulder Press- used a light enough single bell (17.5kg) and only did a single arm each time just in case I had to bail on my bad arm. Felt fine other than having to load my left arm with my right.

Static Stretch- Oh I enjoyed this bit.

Overall quite happy, though I am terribly out of shape. I’m looking forward to getting my teeth into some good training over the next few weeks though I think it will be a couple of weeks before I’m able to test as I don’t think my hand will take push ups or benching for a while- my thumb looks like a straw.

This morning I did a strength session- S2, although I should really rename it a weakness session.

Some highlights:

Safety Bar squatting was awful, I finished on 5 reps at 95kgs. Awful. Pull ups were dreadful, though I expected this as upper body stuff was nigh on impossible for the last 7 weeks. I did 2 sets of eight with the blue band and then 5 sets of 3. Oh it’s a long road back. I can’t wait.


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