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Paddy having fun

As we know by now, Paddy is preparing for his MMA match with me at the TUF challenge. In the meantime though he has the small matter of a fight in London this coming Sunday, and he did his final conditioning session today.

So here’s what you have to do if you want to fight-

  1. Get up at 8am before college
  2. Come to the gym
  3. Do a mobility/stability warm up
  4. do 10 minutes of prowler pushing with 40kgs on
  5. do a 15 minute work block of box jumps, inverted rows and floor press followed by 1 minute of padwork each time around
  6. do another 10 minutes on the prowler
  7. do a 15 minute work block of pull ups, push ups and goblet squats, followed by a minute of clinch sparring with some baldy fat bloke I found on the street outside.

Agh! Apparently the video I took is too long. I’ll edit it tomorrow and put it up.


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