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Videos, descriptions, techniques

I literally have loads of ideas for stuff to do for the blog, but I’m stuck for time a lot and I don’t always remember to bring the camera. So I was thinking that the best bet might be for someone to request something and then I’d do the video or slideshow as a task. It’s probably the only way to get me doing stuff for the blog so request away. It can be anything at all. No porno though I stopped doing that after all the autograph requests.

It has been a slow and frustrating return to training so far. After my first BJJ session last week, I did a light repetition session (R1 from Iprograms) and on Saturday I did something idiotic. 20 25metre Prowler pushes floowed by a 15 minute work block. It was idiotic because I had a bottle of wine and a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream to myself on Friday night. I don’t want this blog to turn scatalogical so I won’t tell you what 5 prowler pushes does to you after that dietary abberation.

The wrist itself is stiff and sore after the layoff but the really bad payout has been from the old injuries which I had been keeping in check for so long with training and prehab work. My hip seized after one such session and despite Will’s best efforts to make me cry with some deep, deep, deep tissue work, it’s only slightly looser. Last night’s BJJ session also saw the resurfacing of my old back injury. I know the tell tale signs by now, I postured up during my first round of rolling and had my opponents hand on my head. I felt that all too familiar twinge in my mid back and as the round progressed, the pain travelled further up until my neck and upper back felt like someone was stabbing me. Cue one more or less sleepless night and some painful foam roller work this morning to try to get it mobilised so I could coach.

So it would seem that the road back is a little bumpier than I expected.


2 thoughts on “Videos, descriptions, techniques

  1. How about videoing some training drills and explaining the point of each one? If you even did one a week it’d keep you going for a while.

    Posted by Padraic | September 16, 2009, 6:10 pm
  2. maybe you coud go through a warmup/cooldown session

    Posted by garrett | September 16, 2009, 10:54 pm

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