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The Saturday Sessions

For some reason, the Saturday sessions tend to be always well attended. I can only assume that this is because most people like to think of themselves as Charles Bronson. Yesterday, we did something that was either really cool or really stupid, depending on your point of view. The prize for the winning team on the day was to autograph the losing team’s t-shirts with whatever they wanted. If the losers had a dark shirt, you got to write on their backs… it actually sounds gheyer today than yesterday.

Saturday 19th of September. C1 from IPrograms

Mobility/Stability- This was actually a highlight of the session for me as I got to see what training at IP is doing for some people. Without me declaring “it’s warm up time” or anything else, people just came in and got down to it. Nice to see. Amanda and Martin picked two teams of 4, and we set up the two Prowlers with 40kgs loaded on them. For a few, this was the first time they’d loaded the Prowler with this weight, so it was going to be a long day for them.

Block 1- Prowler push downhill/uphill. Each team had 15 minutes to get as many done as possible. It’s safe to say everyone emptied themselves to get the job done. Amanda’s team won. 1-0.

Block 2- Barbell rows, push ups and lunges. We counted completed sets of push ups. Now I think we, as in Amanda’s team, won this one. But somehow, because Steve had to go early, we lost mathematically. I was utterly blinded by science as Colin came up with a system of handicapping to make up for their loss of a team member. 1-1.

Block 3- Prowler push- Apparently, we now had to beat the modula score, which meant that we added up our totals, and then divided by the numbers on our team- 4 in our case and 3 in theirs. Fine and dandy so far right? Well, apparently due to the modula system, we would not be allowed any remainder. So if we got 40 lengths between us, we would get a score of 10 (40/4=10), but if we got 42, we’d still only get 10 (40mod42=10). We didn’t do it, but we did get a draw. Again, we were emptied after this, especially Martin and Amanda who had never pushed 40kg before. 2-2

Block 4- Box jumps, dumbell rows and floor presses. We only counted completed box jumps. This was another draw due to the button on the calculator nobody uses except Colin. 3-3

Which meant that we had a score of 1 win each and 2 draws. We couldn’t have that so we went for one last Prowler push from one member of each team, which descended into an all out fight to get the Prowlers over the line. Luckily, team Amanda (go team) were able to successfully drag the other idiots off our Prowler and use some delay tactics to make sure the others couldn’t win. 4-3.

This was the most enjoyable session I’ve had in a long, long time.


One thought on “The Saturday Sessions

  1. He tried to blind us with maths…not really fair when everyone’s brains were scrambled after their session on the prowler, but even with Colin’s creative accountancy we still managed to pip them at the post…or pull/push them off the prowler…whichever way you want to look at it!!!;-)
    Was a great session. Utterly torturous at the time but it felt great to have done it when it was over!!!

    Posted by amanda | September 20, 2009, 9:47 am

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