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The Saturday Sessions

For some reason, the Saturday sessions tend to be always well attended. I can only assume that this is because most people like to think of themselves as Charles Bronson. Yesterday, we did something that was either really cool or really stupid, depending on your point of view. The prize for the winning team on … Continue reading

Easily the best thing about Christmas time is the queuing. It’s fantastic. You go out to the shops, you queue to get into the carpark, then you queue to get a space, then you queue for the bank machine. Once you have money to spend, you queue to buy stuff followed swiftly by an intense … Continue reading

A bit of an update on my own training

It seems I’m the only one in the gym really training for anything right now. Olli and Keith were the only fighters to show up for training last night as I think everyone is taking a bit of a break after their busy 12 weeks. Who am I to argue? Monday I was back on … Continue reading

Savage, savage night

And now, the dust has settled, and I feel like a ten tonne weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Firstly I want to say my thanks, then I’ll give a quick review of the night and how it went below. So in no particular order, thanks to:Paul, Pete, Edward, Stephen F, Hugh, Conor, Darragh … Continue reading

Oops, forgot someone

Amanda: Yeah I forgot about Amanda when I first wrote this which is criminal really. The only thing missing for her was an opponent. I have to be honest here, when she came to me asking for fight I was dubious. It didn’t help that in the first two weeks of serious training nobody would … Continue reading

A Few Updates on the Fight Show

In the last couple of weeks, the hassle of having to organise this show has almost made me want to quit, go home to bed and not bother anymore. Then there are moments like the one yesterday, which made everything seem worthwhile. I was in town, picking up Christmas presents when I came upon a … Continue reading

Final Week of training ahead

So we’re in week 11 of 12, and the guys are looking and feeling good. I’ll spare a bit of information in this post as the lads are yet to fight so we’ll see how that goes before I really assess things. But here is a rough idea of what I tried to achieve in … Continue reading

Interesting Evening

Carb depletion, you’ve gotta hate it. You think you don’t need pasta and then you go and do a session like last night’s. Some of the guys are on the cut right now and one or two are slightly above target. One guy in particular has been set a diet to get him waaaaaayyy down, … Continue reading

2 weeks to go

I went down to the venue last night to have another look, take some measurements and so on. I’m bound to forget something but I’m really trying to cover all of the bases. So last night I measured out the warm up area which is basically a stage which we will screen off. It’s smaller … Continue reading