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I was having a great time until 8pm or so

I’ve been getting great feedback from everyone about Robert’s seminar last night. I’m going to try to remember everything now, ordinarily I like to take notes during a seminar but I forgot to last night. Maybe someone can fill in some of the blanks in my memory? If you add a comment, I’ll edit the post.

  • Head and arm control when your opponent is in quarter
  • One foot always up, weight down, move to the back by blocking the nearside tricep with forearm
  • From front headlock, work arm across face
  • drop elbow to the mat, catch bicep and roll for anaconda
  • Same position, brabo while falling to the side
  • if opponent doesn’t tap, continue roll and move to top to finish from there
  • T-Rex choke
  • Opponent goes to sit into guard- superawesome jump to the back and RNC (loved that)
  • Missed this one but something like a half guard pass? Anyone fill in that blank for me?
  • If he tries to sit, block his knee and jump to the back or side control
  • Shoulder push when attacking the back (I thought that was gold dust)

That’s all I can remember from the front headlock.

  • Attacking from quarter, trap leg and kneebar
  • Push down kneebar finish (again, fucking gold dust)
  • Attacking from nogi mount, good arm isloation technique
  • keylock, really simple finish but with tw great tips- one is to slide your elbow up your leg, second to reach under the wrist if you’re having problems getting the second grip
  • Really great single arm keylock/wristlock (Tom and Stephen were delighted the dirty wristlocking gits)
  • High percentage takedown
  • Drills for same

Overall a really great evening and he’s here again tonight, this time with the beautiful game. (aka BJJ in the kimono!) I really, really enjoyed the seminar and he has a great style of teaching the little details as well as the broad strokes. He’s also got a lot of time for everyone especially the more beginner level guys who got lots of attention last night. What I didn’t enjoy about the seminar was having a stomach bug. Stephen was my partner and he had to put up with some terrible smells from me early on, and then once 8pm came around I was off to the toilets every 10 minutes which was embarassing to say the least. I spent all last night calling my mate Hughy on the big white phone in my bathroom. So there’s a mighty blow to my two great aims this week- to add a kilo in weight, and to roll with Robert Drysdale. I’m currently typing this from bed after attempting to eat some dry toast and have a cup of tea, with any luck, a significantly weaker and skinnier me will be at the seminar tonight, so maybe I can fulfill the second of those two.


5 thoughts on “I was having a great time until 8pm or so

  1. Adult Nappies Barry !!

    Posted by garrett stack | October 20, 2009, 11:35 am
  2. It was bloody brilliant. I loved it. I am glad there were so many training partners there that are soooo much smarter and better than me that can re-teach me everything that was covered. I am soooo glad that Colin was there…he is the voice that I hear in my head any time am rolling…and when I say voice in my head I mean…the voice in my ear…going ‘the wrist…grab the wrist…no not your wrist…no not that wrist…’.

    Posted by Will Heffernan | October 20, 2009, 12:15 pm
  3. That was all kinds of cool.

    Favourite techniques/tips:
    * Annocanda/brabo is the same technique but reversed from front headlock position (so simple but it had never occured to me. Actually last night really opened my eyes to the front headlock as a real position of dominance with loads of options)

    * Breaking apponents head posture from mount (Genius. I actually tapped to the pain of this alone on one occasion)

    * Using your fist to punch behind the neck while finishing the RNC (Again simple. Again genius)

    I had presumed before the seminar that robert would teach a lot of fancy advanced techniques which would have gone straight over my head. I couldnt have been more wrong. I was mesmorised for 2 and a half hours. Just awesome.

    Posted by Andy Brady | October 20, 2009, 1:35 pm
  4. Yeah Andy the head control from mount was amazingly simple but so cool. Stuff like that is the gold dust in seminars.

    Posted by Barry Oglesby | October 20, 2009, 3:13 pm
  5. The half guard pass is based off the mover from front headlock to the back. As you bust a move to the back, if your opponent is fast enough, he will grab half guard. You go straight into the pass by stepping froward with your lead leg, and grabbing an underhook.

    Posted by David | October 21, 2009, 8:44 am

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