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How to hold pads

I’m just about getting around to doing some of the videos I’ve been threatening to do for quite a while. Things have been pretty busy, and myself and Will were discussing the website, the content and all that stuff we really care about and we’ve decided that we’re going to revamp the whole deal from top to bottom. We’re starting with content, and by that I mean we’re going to add a lot more content.

I often get asked questions about padding and how and why we do it. I’m actually not padwork’s biggest fan. I think it’s necessary and maybe even vital to good striking training, but I’ve seen enough people who really impress on the pads but then can’t spar for peanuts. So pads are good but sometimes they LIE! With that in mind, here’s a 5 minute video on how we use pads for MMA.

In other news I’m picking up Robert Drysdale this evening for his seminars over the next couple of days. What Robert doesn’t know is how irritating I can be when I want to talk training with people, and that I once set the record for amount of questions asked in a day. I hope to break that record over the next few days with Robert and grill him about his methods.

Remember the seminar kicks off at 7pm tomorrow night (Monday) and is no-gi. On Tuesday, the focus changes to BJJ in the gi so get your jim jams ready.


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