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Today was everything I expected and less

Last night actually wasn’t less than what I expected, it was more. That title is just a witty line. The BJJ session last night was actually excellent, a real 5 star session. All in all we did 9×5 minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between and a small technique break in the middle. My arms are fried today from the grips, but the good news is that my left hand is definitely improving. This time two weeks ago I had to stop in the middle of a session because of the aching in the wrist and the pins and needles, but last night I finished a few chokes with it and generally gripped well with no ill effects. On the negative side, I can’t pick things up with it today but that will improve over time, especially if I keep my grip work going in the gym.

Here’s what I did today:

Session 2B

IP Warm Up

Barbell Row 2×12, 40kgs, 1×12 45kgs, 2×12 50kgs supersetted with

Push press  5×12, 40kgs, 40kgs, 45kgs, 45kgs, 47kgs

Fitter bridging 3×60, 30 rest.

Goblet Squats 3×12, 27.5kg, 30kg, 40kg

Forgot my Russian Twists agh!

Bag work

Boxing 3mins

20 slow, 10 fast Intervals, 5x3min

Much better on the bag and in general today. I had it in my head that the 50kg push press would be too heavy for the last set so I stuck some fractionals on and it was easy enough. Should have put the 50kg on in retrospect as I think I just had an off day last Thursday when they seemed too heavy. I can feel my groove much more now when I’m doing any rowing movement.


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