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Grappling hooked

I just can’t wait to roll tonight.

There were 21 folks at BJJ on Monday and if only 50% of those turn up for tonight’s class then there will be 10.5 people to roll with, which is more than enough for me. I’ll probably warm up by rolling with the half person and then move on from there.

I think it’s time to adjust my diet slightly. Actually, overhaul might be a better way of putting it. A hard weekend’s drinking, eating ice cream and junk food followed by two days of doing accounts and comfort eating while I did it has taken its toll and my bodyfat is up from my last test, in spite of vastly increased activity levels. So, as of today (as in right now), I’m dropping my cheat day and condensing it into one cheat meal instead. I’ll do that for a couple of weeks and then test the bodyfat again and see what’s happened.

I’ll do a quick paragraph on my opinion on dieting, bodyfat etc. Right now, I care about it as I have a goal in mind. When I’m “off season” I couldn’t give a damn. That’s not saying I expect to be fat as a fool, just that whatever I am is fine when I’m not training, and I let life, diet and training balance themselves out from day to day. However now I’m focussed on a goal and I really want to get back in good shape, so my diet is important. I’ve messed around with just increasing my training, and it hasn’t worked (I think that could be because I’m getting older, it certainly used to work). So now my diet needs some adjustment, so I’ll do that by cutting out some carbs.

Here’s what I did today:

Session 1B

IP Warm Up

Pull Ups (green band) 5×8 supersetted with

Push Ups (handles) 5×12

Reverse Hypers 3×8

SLRDLs 3×12 (32kg)

Step Ups 3×12

Bag work

Boxing 3mins

20 slow, 10 fast Intervals, 2x3min

30 on, 30 off intervals, 2x3min, 1x5min

A very light session really, although the bag work is baaaaad. I’m still using the band for the pull ups as my back just isn’t up to significant loading yet. Even these give me that uh-oh feeling occasionally. I also didn’t load the step-ups today as my left knee got a bit twisted on Monday at BJJ and for some reason I’m only feeling it today. On a scale of 5, this morning was a 2, but that’s okay. You can’t have 5s all the time.


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