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Pedal to the floor

I have a few things I want to achieve athletically and coachingly (it’s a word, possibly) in the next few months, and I’m just starting to push the buttons on a few things I need to have happen before I can achieve them. It’s time to begin my preperation for my next fight which will be on April 24th, I have two new pro level fighters coming onstream in the next 3 months and there are bunch of very promising amateurs in the gym the last couple of months who I want to get going on. One of these guys has only been training 3 weeks, entered the Dublin NoGi Open under the false impression that he was entering a full contact, pro rules MMA tournament… with 3 weeks training. I don’t know where he got the idea but I call that a balls of steel moment, so from now on, I’m training the hell out of that guy until he tells me to leave him alone.

I’m teaching takedowns in BJJ tonight. I was considering doing some stuff from the Mendes bros. seminars last week but I think it might be best to collate all that stuff into one location, all the techniques, notes, videos etc. and then review them one Saturday afternoon, and then revisit them one by one whenever the positions come up in the future schedule. So for now it’s on with the show and the 6 week schedule and this week it’s throws and takedowns.

This morning:

Session 1A (only 1/2 of it)

Warm Up- Upper body work with bands, some scap ups etc

Dips 1×8 BW, 1×8 BW+5kg, 1×8 BW+10kg, 1×8 BW+15kg, 1×8 BW+20kg. Supersetted with

Inverted Rows, 5×15

Back raises 3×8

I didn’t do my legwork today due to some coaching, but I’ll catch up on it tomorrow.


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