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Just back from competing

And surprise surprise, I’m blogging already. I have some results from the IP fighters for anyone that’s interested.

Me- Silver. 3 in my division, had a good first match but never got going in the final and despite some good guard work, I spent too long on bottom and eventually got tapped with a darce from my half guard. I’m not too dissappointed though. I wanted gold but you can’t win em all.

Tom- He’s been improving recently in training but couldn’t bring those improvements to bear on his matches today and will be dissappointed not to have given a better account of his ability.

Grant- had a mare from start to finish. This was a day to forget for the Ginja Ninja.

Eric- First ever competition, and the standard was pretty stiff in his division but he gave a good account of himself and will have learned a lot from it. Listened to his corner, did what he knew to do. Made one rash decision but we all make those from time to time. Good job.

Teenwolf Stephen- Began talking at 10am, stopped just before he left. He probably took a break during his matches too but I wasn’t close enough to hear. But he did really well, unfortunately it took him a bit long to get going in his match and his opponent was a bit too far ahead for him to claw back points in the end. Nice for him to get off the mark in a competition though at just 16 years old.

Stephen R- Gold medal once again against someone he’s beaten previously. His opponent pulled guard and Stephen secured the pass for his 3 and then avoided giving anything away for the rest of the match with some good guard play and effective scrambling.

I’ll post up the videos once Grant or Eric uploads them


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