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Teenagers- they're for life, not just for Christmas

Saturday mornings are busy at Informed Performance. we have all sorts going on at once. Usually on the Prowlers we’ll have one of the GAA clubs doing their conditioning. On the mats we’ll have the MMA guys swinging some kettlebells and doing their thing. We’ll have our strength trainess in the power racks lifting. We’ll have some weekend warriors getting their pump on in the dumbell room. Usually we’ll have any number of guys hitting the bags, doing some grappling or sparring or working some fight technique with each other. We also have some teens doing their thing as they prepare to compete.

Here’s their session from Saturday morning. All of these kids are sixteen, and they did a great session that used mostly bodyweight or below (the heaviest kettlebell walk was 44kgs in two hands).

They were absolutely knackered by the end of this, as you can probably tell by the video, but they still managed to muster up the energy to go upstairs and have a few rounds of Jiu Jitsu with the seniors. Then they all went home to go on Bebo or listen to music about how terrible it is when your parents won’t get you a bill phone or something.


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