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A quick week's end update

I’ve been too busy to post up here recently, but I’ll do better next week.

Firstly Strength and Conditioning for Martial Arts- the seminar that is- is still in progress. Myself and Will have gone through the content and we’re pretty solid on what we want to show and teach. However there really is so much data to be shared that it wouldn’t be right to give it lip service in one day. Instead, we’ve decided to spread the seminar out over two days, one in early April and another in mid May. We think you’ll all benefit from what we have to show and I hope you can attend. We’re just going through the final scheduling details and we should have a finished product, complete with pricing and dates, next week.

For those of you who care, here’s what I’ve been doing all week. 

I’m nursing a rib injury that’s keeping me out of contact training (hopefully I’ll get to do some light stuff in the morning) but I’m able to do almost everything else.

Monday- Thai and Strength

IP Warm Up

Dips 3×8, BW, +10kgs, +20kgs. Then 1×5 +30kgs, 1×2 +35kgs

Supersetted with Inverted Rows 5×15

Back Raises 3×8

BSS 3×12. BW, 10kg, 20kg

Glute Ham Raise 3×5

Then 3x3min skipping, bagwork- 100 left kicks, 100 right kicks, pads 5x3min

Tuesday- Strength and Conditioning

IP Warm Up

Pull Ups 5×8 blue band supersetted with

Push ups 3×15 really slow

Reverse Hyper 3×8

SLRDLs- 3×12 hateful

Then 3×5 min fighter rounds on the Prowler which hurt me deep in my soul.

Wednesday- Thai and Strength

IP Warm Up

Single arm press- 5×15- 16kg, 16kg, 17.5kg, 17.5kg, 20kg supersetted with

Dumbell Row 5×8 30kg

Roll Outs 3×12

Reverse Lunges 3×12. 10kg, 15kg, 20kg

Side bridging 3x60secs

3x3min rounds skipping, bagwork- 100 left and right teeps interchanging. Then 50 right, 50 left teeps. 100 straight knees, 100 round knees. 3x3min padwork.

Thursday- Insane in our membranes

Coffee in the office delaying the inevitable.

IP Warm Up

Prowler Heavys- 135kg doubles in 10 minutes. We got 8

Power block 15 minutes-

  • 40kg push press-3
  • Pull Ups- 3
  • Box jump sequence- 3- I think we got around 14 times but Paddy will have to confirm.

Then Heavy Prowler Singles in 10 minutes. We got 18.

15 minute work block

  • 16kg kettlebell snatches- I got 220


Today (Friday)

Bag work- 100 left kicks, 100 right kicks, 4x3minute rounds (2 power, 2 high rate). Then some foam rolling and some recovery stuff.

The Prowler is a BEAST. I did Thursday’s session with Paddy who was making his triumphant return to conditioning. I bet he’s sore today. We went insane and I honestly thought in work block 1 I was going to honk. Sometimes the only thing holding me up was the bar for the push presses. If Paddy hadn’t been on my ass for every time around I wouldn’t have got as many as I did. Same with the Prowler blocks. Sometimes the only thing getting me to go was knowing that he was at the other end of the room going too and I’d feel like a tit if I didn’t. There’s some chnages to my programme from here in and I’ll detail them on the blog on Monday.

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