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Stress Relief

First of all, I was amazed to see the final of the -76kg ADCC at the weekend, Leo Viera versus Marcelo Garcia. This was a final that could have happened 5 years ago, never mind 2011. Marcelo’s game is just amazing, I never tire of watching him grapple. To see him back on the podium at ADCC as the first ever 4 time winner was great, but to see another of my favourite ever grapplers in the final with him was a treat. Everyone is talking about Marcelo right now, so let’s spend a little time looking at Leozinho!

Training lately has been a little slow. I haven’t been able to put much time in on the mats due to some work and home life constraints but luckily a couple of my regular training partners have returned to the mats lately so I can get some more hours in. I’m also going to try to go back to my alma mater Team Ryano once a week or so in the mornings to get some rolling in outside of my own gym, which is important for me right now.
It’s a strange one, but lately I fee; like every session I’m putting in is really good for me. I’m walking away from training with new perspectives on sweeps, or guard passes or transitions. It’s probably just a good time right now where my head is right, my body isn’t giving me any trouble and I’m happy in my training. We’ve all had the opposite times, where your work or your home life is affecting the way you train and every session seems to make you worse. Training becomes a frustrating exercise and you end up with no progress and just unhappy when you step on the mat. A few months ago when my business was close to the end, I tried to keep a smile on my face but the frustration spilled onto the mat and I just felt like I didn’t want to grapple or train anymore. I think I went backwards in that period.
At the same time, training can be a release when stresses and strains are stacking up elsewhere. It’s nice to come in and just switch off and train hard, and to have somewhere insulated from the rest of the world. I love my gym for that. I mean, we’re in a never ending recession, so everyone is feeling the pinch right now myself included, and when you can just come in, train hard and forget about all that, it’s a great feeling.
So here’s to training! The real cure for the recession blues!


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